MONDAY / AUGUST 13, 2018

4:00 pm | Registration opens

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5:00 pm | Opening Keynote Session

Fostering Next-Gen Brand Loyalty

Nearly every business model on the planet is being impacted by a powerful, disruptive force: digitization. Consumers are no longer just looking to brands to provide services where and how they want them – they demand it. This session will highlight the crucial intersection of mobile and customer loyalty, discussing strategies to increase engagement, retention and brand favorability among target audiences.

Mary Hines | Global Head of Rewards | Citi


Mary Hines
Global Head of Rewards

5:30 – 7:30 pm Opening Reception

Join us on opening night for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our speakers, sponsors and your fellow attendees.



7:00 am | Registration & Breakfast

8:00 am | Opening Remarks

• David Drain | SVP of Events | Networld Media Group

Keynote session title & description will be announced soon!


8:15 am | Keynote Session

Using Creative Storytelling for Digital Transformation

After decades of digital disruption, why are there still so few traditional retailers that have been able to adapt in the face of “retail Armageddon?” A lot of companies realize they need to change, and throw technology at the wall to see what sticks. The problem with this is that people aren’t changing nearly as fast as technology, so we need to build intuitive tools that can change human behavior.

Join this session to learn how the team from Lowe’s Innovation Labs introduced an innovative approach rooted in narrative and neuroscience that led the Fortune 50 retailer to build augmented and virtual reality stores, in-store autonomous robots, the first store in space, and exoskeletons for store employees.

Amanda Manna | Former Head of Narrative & Partnerships | Lowe’s Innovation Labs


Amanda Manna
Former Head of Narrative & Partnerships
Lowe’s Innovation Labs

9:00 am | Refreshment Break

9:30 am | Marketing Track

Mobile Messaging Strategies to Increase Conversion and Retention

Contextualized, personalized and relevant messaging leads to action and customer satisfaction. If done correctly, mobile messaging will be the preferred communication method for most consumers. The message can be delivered via many platforms: SMS, MMS, email, push, mobile wallet and RCS. We’ll also touch on compliance with spam regulations.

Haseeb Tariq | Mobile Marketing & E-commerce | GUESS

9:30 am | IT/Operations Track

Harnessing AI for Your Business

Machine learning. Natural language processing. Deep learning. These are some of the terms we are hearing as it relates to artificial intelligence. AI is the next evolution in IOT and data analytics. In this session, you will learn what companies are doing today and next steps you can take now to know more about your customers, service them better and faster, and anticipate their needs.

9:30 am | Marketing Track

The Opportunities & Challenges of Buy Online, Pickup In Store

Speed and convenience are two primary reasons consumers choose so-called “click-and-collect” programs. When first introduced, there were certainly some bumps in the road. Retailers and restaurants are learning the importance of good signage, email and text-message communication, dedicated counters and, of course, order accuracy. Can buy online, pickup in store (aka BOPIS) compete with same-day delivery? What about the value of getting customers in-store to create the opportunity for additional (impulse) purchases?

Howard Blumenthal | VP, eCommerce | Brookstone
Rich Hope | CMO | Jersey Mike’s
Dennis Schleicher | Senior Manager of Customer Experience | Kohl’s

Christopher Hall | Managing Director | ICX Association

9:30 am | Breakout Session

Making Your App Indispensable

Many agree that apps provide the best mobile experience, but we also know people keep a limited number of apps on their phone. Your loyal customers are the ones downloading your app, therefore you should reward them as such. In this session, you’ll hear tips and tricks on how some brands are making their app stick.

Jordan Campbell | Former Digital Marketing Manager | la Madeleine Country French Café
Prakash Karamchandani | Co-Founder & CEO | Balance Grille
Laura Reese | Senior Director, Media/Digital/PR | Church’s Chicken

Jim Steinberg | SVP of Enterprise Partnerships | LoyaltyPlant

  • Sponsored by LoyaltyPlant

10:30am | Refreshment Break

11:00 am | Marketing Track

Hit the Target with Data Analytics

Now that we are past the buzzword stage, let’s talk about targeting through personalization based on valuable data. We’ll identify various sources of data — sometimes in places you might not expect. With the right strategy and tools, you can gain valuable insights on your customers’ behavior and begin predicting their next move, all with the goal of having a full view of the customer.

11:00 am | IT/Operations Track

Meeting the Demand for Delivery

In the age of Amazon and UberEATS, your customers want your product on their own terms. Increasingly, in-store pickup, curbside delivery or home delivery is the answer for their quest for convenience. We’ll address the latest best practices and lessons learned to ensure a smooth experience for all.

Michelle Adams | Senior Brand Manager | Freshii
Jonah Koenigseker | Research Analyst | Euromonitor International

11:00 am | Breakout Session

Do We Really Need Cashiers and Checkout Lanes?

The launch of Amazon Go in Seattle — a store where Prime members check in with their phone, pick up items they want and leave — has made an idea that’s been talked about into a reality. It begs the question: do we need cashiers or can we handle that process seamlessly through mobile? If we can’t do away with it entirely, how do we speed up the checkout process to solve that customer pain point?

Nikki Baird | Managing Partner | Retail Systems Research
David Hewitt | Group VP, Consumer Experience | SapientRazorfish
Richard Schneider | COO, Sportservice | Delaware North

Bill Morris | General Manager | Aware Software

  • Sponsored by Aware Software

11:00 am | Breakout Session

The Attribution Fallacy: Your Marketing ROI is a Lie!

Every business owner seeks a quantifiable and clear relationship between their carefully planned marketing tactics and the revenue they generate. One of the biggest appeals of online marketing channels is their ability to directly attribute ROI – but can they actually do it? Until you know precisely what mix of marketing channels influenced consumer behavior, you don’t really know what works and what doesn’t. In this session, we’ll explore the reasons why direct attribution is a fallacy, and discuss methods to quantify your marketing using data, AI, and your businesses’ POS transaction details.

Corey O’Donnell | SVP of Marketing | Mobivity

  • Sponsored by Mobivity

12:00 pm | Lunch

1:00 pm | Marketing Track

Rewarding Experiences

They say loyalty cannot be bought, but must be earned. Does your mobile loyalty program have the staying power and usefulness to be an integral part of your revenue plan? Are your customers making purchasing decisions based on the program you have in place? Perhaps it’s not a one size, fits all proposition. This session will discuss how to take your reward program and customer experience to the next level.

Will Hanrahan | Digital Brand Manager | Fazoli’s
Tim Kraus | Director of Interactive & Innovation | Quiznos

1:00 pm | IT/Operations Track

Chatbots: Opportunities & Challenges

Studies say that consumers are open to using a chatbot, though most have not. Among those who have used the automated intelligent response system, many have been disappointed in the execution of this new technology. We’ll look at some examples of who’s doing it right (and perhaps a few that miss the mark) and use cases for your business.

1:00 pm | Breakout Session

The Latest in Mobile Marketing

What does it take to reach your customer these days and how do you cut through the noise? We’ll cover a range of topics, including successful mobile campaigns, mobile wallets, rich communication services (RCS) and more.

Donna Josephson | Chief Marketing Officer | Fazoli’s
Kira McCabe | Associate Director, Digital Media | Tropical Smoothie Café
Kimberly Turman | Digital Marketing Manager | Pie Five

Michael Ahearn | VP, Customer Development & Strategy | Upland Mobile Messaging

  • Sponsored by Upland Mobile Messaging

1:00 pm | Marketing Track

Mobile POS and Bridging POS Systems to External Platforms

In this session, we’ll discuss mobile POS systems to help your customer check out anywhere. We’ll also explore systems that can bridge the gap between your legacy POS systems and the latest tools and platforms.

Paul Epperley | Director, Consumer Technology Portfolios | Sodexo
Will Hernandez | Editor | Mobile Payments Today
MJ Worsham | Corporate IT Manager | Roy Rogers Restaurants

Justin McNally | Chief Technology Officer | Chowly

  • Sponsored by Chowly

2:00 pm | Refreshment Break

2:30 pm | Marketing Track

Social Media: What’s Now, What’s Next

There is nothing more authentic and valuable than a customer enthusiastically sharing their love for your brand on social media. But social media is a double-edged sword: while you get praise from some, there’s criticism from others. This session will explore engaging your audience, creating brand affinity, new platforms, strategies, monitoring and social commerce.

Liz Bazner | Digital Manager | A&W Restaurants
Erin Levzow | VP of Marketing | Marcus Hotels & Resorts

2:30 pm | IT/Operations Track

Designing the Best Mobile Ordering Experience

There has been a big push toward mobile ordering and a good bit of demand from consumers to where it is now expected. The best mobile ordering platforms have a good UX, with ease and simplicity being the primary drivers. The best practices also include ease of payment, status updates, instructions for pickup and better training of staff.

Melissa Douros | Director of Digital Product Management | Great Wolf Resorts
Prakash Karamchandani | Co-Founder | Balance Grille

3:30 pm | Refreshment Break

4:00 pm | General Session

Roundtable: What’s Your Mobile Payments Strategy?

Some say the payment doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s what happens before, during and after. Some examples:

     • Before: Beacon interaction with mobile app; wayfinding to product; smart mirrors in the dressing room
     • During: Deals that can be applied during the transaction; signing up for loyalty; etc.
     • After: Digital receipt with a discount for your next visit

Mobile payments are, however, key to creating the ultimate buying experience. We’ll debate which strategies work best to make it easy for your customers to connect with your brand, shop or purchase inside your storefront and pay.

Now with the idea of making the payment invisible and an afterthought for the consumer (Uber, Amazon Go), it seems everyone is trying to focus on the mobile customer experience. How do we do all this while making sure this experience is safe and secure?

Jayson Canady | Director of Global Payments Strategy | Hyatt Hotels

  • Sponsored by Chatmeter

4:00 pm | General Session

Chatbots: The Future of Commerce?

Chatbots and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) seem to have entered our lives overnight. Should your company adopt “conversational commerce” methods such as Amazon Echo, Siri, Google’s virtual assistant, Facebook Messenger and/or voice ordering? We’ll hear from brands who are implementing this tech, how it has helped, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Ryan Craver | SVP Emerging Brands, Licenses & Digital Strategy | Lamour Group
Will Hernandez | Editor | Mobile Payments Today
Ken Moy | Former VP of Digital | Subway

Jeff Michaud | VP of Sales | 3Cinteractive

  • Sponsored by 3Cinteractive

5:50 pm | Meet in lobby to walk to the offsite event.

6:00 – 9:00 pm | Dinner Party

Chicago Sports Museum

The Chicago Sports Museum combines high-tech interactive experiences — including skill challenges and simulated experiences — with unique sports memorabilia and an impressive collection of game-used treasures and other artifacts. The 8,000-square-foot space celebrates all of Chicago’s major sports teams. The interactive exhibits use body-tracking technology, allowing you to score goals as Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, shoot free throws as Bulls veteran Scottie Pippen and many other one-of-a-kind experiences. The Museum is also home to the city’s largest collection of 2016 World Series memorabilia.

This private dinner party is included with your Summit registration at no additional cost. The Chicago Sports Museum is a five-minute walk from the Sofitel.



8:00 am | Breakfast

9:00 am | General Session

Brain Exchange

One of the highlights of the Summit is this deeply interactive session where you’ll work with others at your table on a specific topic, hashing out best practices and things you’ve learned. Come prepared to learn and to share!


10:30 am | Refreshment Break

Closing Keynote will be announced soon!


11:00 am | Closing Keynote Session

Mobile, Minds, and Merchandise

The pervasiveness of digital media and its integration to our lives is influencing the structure of our brains as well as our physical environments. Digital place-based media, handheld devices and emerging technologies are changing the way retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and myriad other businesses, need to communicate with their customers.

While Millennials are all the focus of many businesses trying to capture this market of consumers, there is a generation of emerging guests for whom expectations about how brand experiences should unfold are changing the paradigm of what a branded experience will be in a digitally mediated future. How does a brand experience remain relevant when you consider that the idea of a ‘Generation Gap’ is morphing into a “Brain Gap” between ‘older’ and Gen Z guests?

Read More

Lee Auerbach | VP of Sales |  Chatmeter

  • Sponsored by Chatmeter


David Kepron
VP – Global Design Strategies
Marriott International

12:00 pm | Summit adjourns

Agenda and speakers are subject to change.


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