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TUESDAY / AUGUST 16, 2016 / 2:30 PM

Personalized & Relevant: Cracking the Code on Mobile Success

A successful mobile strategy that truly drives incremental sales long-term requires a mobile experience that meets and exceeds your guests’ expectations. Hear from a panel of leading marketing and IT execs about how they are leveraging guest data along with mobile marketing, SMS, beacons/WiFi and more to develop a personalized and relevant mobile program that delivers a memorable guest experience and real value for their brand.

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Christopher Gumprecht | Marketing Technology Manager | Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

Christopher Gumprecht is the Marketing Technology Manager for Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants. With 15+ years in the organization, having previous roles, first in operations and training, then managing and administering the Point of Sales systems for 100+ locations, he is now a key marketing leader for over 50 unique concepts. Spearheading the LettuceEats mobile app and delivering insight for additional marketing channels like loyalty, SMS, and email, Christopher provides a unique perspective combining his years of experience to drive customer acquisition and engagement. He is continually exploring new ways to integrate technology seamlessly into the customer experience with an emphasis on content, mobile, and data.

Tim Hackbardt | ‎CEO | BrandTrip Partners

Tim Hackbardt is a 20+ year veteran in the restaurant industry who has served over 15 restaurant brands across QSR, FC and FSR categories. His firm BrandTrip Partners is focused on solving “The Big Stuff” for restaurant chains around the world. Those big initiatives that for whatever reason brands can’t get to, or can’t complete, due to resources or time. Developing new restaurant concepts, architecting a turn around, driving new technology solutions, marketing strategies, menu engineering, menu development and other game changing branding initiatives that will drive short and long term value are a few examples of the “The Big Stuff” BrandTrip Partners has helped brands move forward to win in our ultra-competitive industry.


Prem Kiran | ‎Chief Strategy Officer | Fishbowl

Prem Kiran joined Fishbowl in November 2015 when CLYP Technologies, an intelligent marketing automation company, was acquired. He leads product strategy for all Fishbowl products. Prem is a die-hard entrepreneur at heart, with a strong passion for building innovative products and solutions that address market needs and generate long-term value. Prior to founding CLYP in 2013, Prem was an executive at SAP where he was one of the youngest senior leaders, placing him in the top 2% of the company’s executives. He is an expert in product vision, strategy, and development; business development, and growth strategy.