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TUESDAY / AUGUST 16, 2016 / 11:00 AM

Real-Life Applications for IoT

It’s time to think beyond the hype of Internet of Things, to look beyond the technology and find actual business value, particularly around consumer engagement. We’ll also identify and define the primary use cases for consumer-facing IoT (e.g. reward, decision-making, innovation, and more) for how brands can leverage emerging technological capabilities to enhance customer interaction and experience.


Jessica Groopman | Research Director & Principal Analyst | Harbor Research

Jessica is the Research Director and Principal Analyst at Harbor Research where she specializes in consumer-side Internet of Things. Her current focus is the application of sensors and smart systems in consumer-facing businesses, with an emphasis on customer experience, the ethical use of data, privacy, contextual marketing, automated service, and wearables. She is a regular contributor to numerous 3rd party blogs and news/media outlets. She is also a contributing member of FC Business Intelligence’s IoT Nexus Advisory Board and the International IoT Council. Jessica is featured on Onalytica’s top 100 influencers in the Internet of Things.

Kevin Meagher | SVP Business Development | ROC-Connect

Kevin Meagher is the SVP Business Development for ROC-Connect, a technology company offering an enterprise grade cloud platform to support the IoT and the deployment of smart home products and services. Meagher has been recognized as a global pioneer and thought leader in the smart home and IoT. Meagher is the former VP and General Manager of Lowe’s Smart Home initiative where he led Lowe’s IoT program. Meagher founded Intamac Systems, a UK company offering a Cloud platform delivering smart home solutions to the mass consumer market through telecommunications companies and utilities.

Aaron Noveshen | President and Founder | Starbird & The Culinary Edge

Aaron Noveshen is the president and founder of companies that envision and embody the future of food including The Culinary Edge Ventures, Pacific Catch restaurants and Starbird. His latest endeavor is to change the landscape of convenience dining. Alongside Co-Founders Stephen Goldmann and Steven Goldstein, Aaron introduced Starbird as the first concept conceived, owned and operated by The Culinary Edge Ventures. With Starbird, Aaron introduces a new category of dining, “super premium fast food,” and transforms the traditional drive-thru experience with the removal of the car queue and the addition of mobile ordering and payment.


Trey Courtney | SVP, Product Management & Delivery | Mood Media

Trey leads Global Product Management for Mood Media, a leading in-store media specialist that uses a mix of music, visual and mobile solutions to help its clients communicate with customers and drive incremental sales in retail establishments. Trey brings 12+ years experience in technology development and professional services at both large and small companies. Prior to Mood Media, Trey worked in a variety of product management and professional service roles at companies like Accenture and eBay.

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